Foreign National

Avanti Way Financial is a leader in working with people abroad who want to buy or refinance their property located in the United States. Our Foreign National program has a flexible, alternative documentation process with realistic guidelines which helps more borrowers to qualify.


Our primary focus is to make sure that any borrower who comes through our door has an option to receive financing.

Program Features

Loan Amounts up to $2.5 Million

Max 75% LTV

Cash-Out Max 65% LTV

Multiple Finance Properties Allowed

No U.S. Credit Score or History Required

If U.S. credit score is established, then it must be utilized in underwriting and pricing with a min. 620 credit score

Must be able to legally enter the U.S. with no defined length of stay required

Eligible Visa Types (B1, B2, E, G, H, L, O, P, and TN)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Avanti Way Financial offers solutions for investment properties only. Foreign Nationals can qualify with documentation for the income generated in their residence country OR just with the cash flow from the subject property.

Foreign National loans are intended to be used to purchase homes as investments, not primary residences.

What if borrowers want to purchase a primary residence in the US? They will need to be a US resident and obtain a regular mortgage.

No, borrowers do not need to have a US credit record in order to qualify for a Foreign National loan.

Borrowers should get the following documents ready before they apply for a Foreign National loan in the US:

• A copy of their passport
• A copy of their unexpired Visa
• A current credit report
• Proof of income for the prior 2 years and the current year
• If self-employed, an accountant’s income letter for the prior 2 years and the current year
• A copy of their purchase contract

These documents should be translated into English by a certified translator. Having all of these documents gathered before your clients fill out their applications can save you a great deal of time and hassle.

Yes. The following borrowers are not eligible:

• Borrowers with diplomatic immunity or otherwise excluded from U.S. jurisdiction.
• Residents of any country not permitted to transact business with US companies are ineligible (as determined by any U.S. government authority).
• Irrevocable Trusts or Land Trusts.
• Borrowers less than 18 years old

Yes, an experienced lender accustomed to working with Foreign National borrowers should be able to close this loan as quickly as a Conventional mortgage. And, because some of the income and credit qualifications are comparatively easier, it might happen even faster.

Interest rates are dependent on a variety of factors, but borrowers can expect to have an interest rate that is competitive with those offered to US citizens.

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